Lupus – A Poem by Sangeetha K

You took away the spring time of my life when I was about to bloom You made me feel remote You gave me bruises You gave me intolerable pains Screaming every night oh lupus let me live Every single day I fought a battle just to breathe normally I cried desperately for the life I…

Ishita Bis

7 Months of Confinement – Lupus Story – Ishita Biswas

INSPIRING & NAIL BITING Lupus Story – Ishita Biswas During my childhood days I read a story named “The Bet ” by author Anton Chekhov , where there took place a bet between a banker and a lawyer. The lawyer would be given 2 million rubles by the Banker if he could stay in confinement…


Learning to live with lupus is like anything else in life; like becoming a parent, starting a new job, making an INVESTMENT . One has to learn how to do it….THE FORUM IS FOR YOU. The first option is for us, the patient to submit to the disease and accept lupus and a lifestyle of…

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