I had just turned 14 when diagnosed with Lupus. Today I’m 17 years and 10 months old.

It’s been a turbulent yet enriching experience for me. It took me beyond the day to day chores to having a lot of time to think, read, experiment and interact with incredible human beings.

I am currently fighting LupusNephritis and would like to share with you as how despite all this You and I can live an EXTRAORDINARY life.

They say “You can live a normal life” they lied!
I say “We can live an extraordinary life” beyond normal.
I would like to dedicate this forum to the “Celebration of life” “The feeling of wellness” “Peace” and “Gratitude”

I’m a 18 year old from India
desiring to connect with wonderful humans like you who have a story to tell and share.

A Crisis in my life led to an opportunity which has now set a desire for global connection with all wonderful humans across the world and especially Autoimmune disease fighters like me.

On the 13th of May, 2018, Doctors, patients, their families and friends together, walked for LupusAwareness.

The LupuDay Conference we conducted with the awareness of various manifestations of #Lupus






6.Importance of VitaminD

7.LifeStyle Modification

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