It may seem like, THIS is MADNESS. 

But trust me.. this is only for a while.. until your body starts to function normally.

The Least We can Do

With rainbow colored fruits and vegetables… Dates and nuts and dried fruits, there wouldn’t have been a need for this.
But knowing the lifestyle we live, there are a lot of times where we tend to neglect and miss out on these.. 

Hence, the LEAST we can do is to take these supplements and and aid quick healing!! 
  1. Vit C  – In  case you are not able to take citric fruits and veggies due to acidity or irritable bowel! This is your solution to Vit C
  2. Vit B12 (Muscles , nerves) – I was having excruciating body pains and aches, to an extent where I was prescribed pregba and pramipex… the day I STARTED B12 …and the multi vitamin tablet. It’s helped me with finer sleep quality and higher energy levels!
    2.1 Vit B (Bcomplex) for your ulcers and what not!
  3. Vit D (For the sunlight we miss out on)
  4. Vit E(Skin and hair)
  5. Probiotics (to take care of your gut) in the form of tablets or through cashew curd and yogurt
  6. Turmeric in high doses in your smoothies, juices.. food. Add ginger. Check if you’re comfortable and add Pepper, Honey….(Add to taste) Saffron , vanilla extract, cardamom etc…
  7. Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.
  8. (Neurobion)
  • Calcium and Magnesium from (Juicing Leafy greens (Spinach, Kale, mint, beetroot leaves) …. Add oranges, pineapples and other strongly flavored fruits or vegetables that you like to make it tasty and tangy. 
  1. Do not wear the clothes that you have worn for more than 4-5 hours or if you have visited a public place that was highly crowded like a restaurant or mall. This includes inner wears, socks and even a scarf you might have worn. Straight away put them for wash…
  2. Make a it a habit to Wash your hands and Legs with disinfectant washes and soaps once you enter home. (dettol/disinfectants)
  3. Carry an Alcoholic Disinfectant Liquids (cutarub or one of them?)
  4. Check if over usage of earphones cause rashes or irritation in your ears. Have a personal earphone. Never share.
  5. Use a Personal towel, comb, wipes, bed sheets too.

One thought on “Dos and Don’ts – Living with Lupus”

  1. Check out YouTube related videos … Observe and study about possibility … never let down … stay always in confidence … concentrate to search more about this topics … If your doctor permits, do other body exercise apart from yoga …

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