Learning to live with lupus is like anything else in life; like

becoming a parent, starting a new job, making an INVESTMENT .

One has to learn how to do it….THE FORUM IS FOR YOU.

The first option is for us, the patient to submit to the disease and accept lupus and a lifestyle of episodes of illness as ours. Please understand that “acceptance” is important. Not to yield or submit to the disease.

This choice may appear attractive to a newly diagnosed patient who is exhausted from the long battle of uncertainties related to lupus or to a long-term patient who is exhausted from fighting the disease. However, this option offers a life of self-pity, negativity, and significantly diminished horizons.

The question is where do we strike the balance and how?

I had a lot of conflicting stages where I didn’t know if it was the disease that was disabling me or was it as simple as me being lazy? I was constantly in a fix on the fact that I need to listen to the body yet not completely yield to it. Just like parenting or any such responsibility, Lupus demands to be understood, studied and closely monitored.

How did I learn to strike a balance

Firstly, I still am learning. Secondly, a couple of things that helped me was

  • Be honest with yourself, if you have a pain know that your body is trying to tell you something or if you are fatigued understand these signs. Now the question is, How do I know when to stop pampering or dancing to the tunes of my body?
  • To attain this stage of perfect balance is no ordinary process nor is there a fixed formula to solve this. Works a lot on trial and error, experimentation and modification until you have attained that peaceful state.

Having the right counseling can be a close aide that will always help you to cope up with this in an amazing manner. Talking about counseling, it does not necessarily have to be of professional level, what matters most importantly is to undergo the process of understanding your ups and downs. Knowing the triggers, understanding when you need switch off mentally and emotionally yet stay on track for the long-term goal.

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