Living with Lupus – Embracing the Uncertainty

I have started to realise the fact that being able to express myself through writing is something which is very tiring and stressful for me. The more I plan on using writing as a medium of communication and expression, the tougher I realise it is. Lately, there have been intense moments in my life, where I feel very purposeless and unproductive. The density of my thoughts are so high that I find it very difficult to channelize these thoughts which are then followed by intense emotions which do nothing to calm an already stressed mind. I finally plucked up the…


Learning to live with lupus is like anything else in life; like becoming a parent, starting a new job, making an INVESTMENT . One has to learn how to do it….THE FORUM IS FOR YOU. The first option is for us, the patient to submit to the disease and accept lupus and a lifestyle of episodes of illness as ours. Please understand that “acceptance” is important. Not to yield or submit to the disease. This choice may appear attractive to a newly diagnosed patient who is exhausted from the long battle of uncertainties related to lupus or to a long-term…



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